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5 Daily Activities That Cause Cartilage Damage

Orthopedic Treatment Los AngelesInjured and worn cartilage can make daily life difficult for even the most in shape athletes. While staying in good health and exercising safely can keep joints healthy, cartilage can still be slowly worn down. Eventually, this can lead to chronic pain and compromised joints, which can impair movement and eventually cause even greater harm.

Many forms of cartilage damage are caused by serious accidents. However, many more people suffer from the condition because of the hidden dangers they are exposed to on a daily basis. Understanding these dangers can help you stay safe and pursue successful joint preservation.

Risk Factors for Cartilage Damage

Even non-athletes face serious dangers that can damage cartilage. The following five hazards may be affecting you now or could happen in the near future.

  1. Repetitive Activities – Whether you are involved in a labor intensive job or are consistently working out in your free time, repeated motions will slowly wear down cartilage over time. Depending on what your daily activities are, any joint may suffer cartilage damage.
  2. Carrying Too Much Weight – A person who is either overweight or is consistently carrying heavy items during the day will put excess pressure on joints, slowly wearing down cartilage that is meant to cushion these parts of the body.
  3. Joint Twisting – If you are taking part in physical activities that you have not properly trained for, or are doing so while overly tired, you may accidentally twist your joints to a degree where cartilage is ruptured or otherwise severely injured.
  4. Falls – While falls may be a normal part of sports or may unexpectedly happen during everyday life, they can damage cartilage in any joint that hits the ground.
  5. Infection – Should you suffer cuts, scrapes, or other damage to joints, a serious infection may compromise the health of nearby cartilage. This can lead to permanently weakened joints.

Knowing the dangers that your cartilage faces every day is a great way to prevent damage over time. However, joint preservation may not be possible without the help of a skilled medical professional. Whether it is through a serious injury or the toll of daily activities in work or personal life, medical procedures are often the only way to get joints back in the condition they were before an injury.

Cartilage Restoration in Beverly Hills

Whether it is due to the damage of daily activities or a single serious accident, injured cartilage and joints may be unable to heal without the help of a skilled doctor. At Meier Orthopedic Sports Medicine, our team of skilled medical professionals has helped countless patients bounce back from their injuries through treatment plans tailored to their unique needs. Whether you are an athlete looking to get back on the field or are just trying to put an end to nagging injuries that plague your daily life, we can help you begin the road to recovery as soon as possible. Call us at (310) 777-7845 or contact us online today.

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