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Stem Cell Treatments and Regenerative Medicine – Then and Now

Some people believe that stem cell therapy and regenerative medicine are new or emerging treatments. And while research on the benefits of mesenchymal stem cells and prolotherapy is constantly gaining new ground, the truth is that medical professionals have been working with stem cells for decades. And while medical procedures like organ transplants are considered Continue Reading >>

Treating Golfer’s Elbow with Prolotherapy

It’s one of the greatest conundrums for professional and recreational athletes and sports enthusiasts alike – the more you play and practice, the better your game gets. But the more you play and practice, the greater the likelihood of suffering from a repetitive motion injury or strain. Depending on the activity, the risk for ruptures Continue Reading >>

Tips for Managing Chronic Lower Back Pain

With more and more people moving less and sitting more than at any other point in human history, all that time spent clocking in extra hours at a desk, behind the steering wheel of a car, or hunched over the screen of a smartphone or tablet will inevitably take its toll on the lower back Continue Reading >>

5 Daily Activities That Cause Cartilage Damage

Injured and worn cartilage can make daily life difficult for even the most in shape athletes. While staying in good health and exercising safely can keep joints healthy, cartilage can still be slowly worn down. Eventually, this can lead to chronic pain and compromised joints, which can impair movement and eventually cause even greater harm. Continue Reading >>

Five Exercises That Can Keep Joints Healthy

Even the healthiest individual can be sidelined by injured and unhealthy joints. Though young athletes are at a higher risk of suffering joint injuries, people of all ages can suffer from joint damage. While not every injury is completely avoidable, regular joint exercises can keep the joint strong and healthy in order to resist injury Continue Reading >>

Top 5 Signs You May Need Shoulder Surgery

Countless people in Los Angeles suffer from shoulder injuries every year. These incidents can range from the damaging conditions of everyday work or from major single accidents that inflict untold damage on a victim’s body. In either case, the results can be severely debilitating and affect both personal and professional life in mere moments. While Continue Reading >>


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