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Meniscus Repair Surgery Beverly Hills

By Steven Meier

When a patient suffers a meniscus tear in one or both knees, the options for treatment will depend on the severity of the tear. When a tear is severe and does not respond to ice, medication, time, or rest, an orthopedic surgeon will often have to repair the tear surgically.

Meniscus Repair Surgery Beverly Hills

In cases of a severe tear that does not heal on its own, a portion of the torn meniscus can move into the joint space, causing pain, swelling, and sometimes the inability to fully extend the knee. Orthopedic surgeons like Dr. Steven Meier perform meniscus surgery in Beverly Hills, in which the piece of the torn meniscus is surgically removed from the joint space.

Meniscus tears are one of the most common knee injuries and can occur during just about any physical activity, whether from running or crouching while gardening. Some tears are milder and can eventually heal on their own. However, in cases where surgery is necessary, patients can usually expect to make a good recovery by following a post-surgical plan of rehabilitation and exercise.

A common method orthopedic surgeons use to repair a torn meniscus that does not heal on its own is known as arthroscopic surgery, a procedure in which several small incisions are made and an instrument called an arthroscope is used. Orthopedic surgeons use this method for various procedures, like meniscus repair surgery, where the patient has torn the cartilage that surrounds both sides of the knee to provide balance and support to the knee. Arthroscopic surgery can also be used to perform ligament reconstruction, or as a diagnostic tool to assess knee damage and determine the proper course of treatment.

Meniscus tears are also sometimes the result of normal wear and tear associated with aging. Learn more about meniscus repair treatment by calling Meier Orthopedic Sports and Regenerative Medicine at (310) 777-7845 today.

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Dr. Steven Meier
Steven Meier

Dr. Steven Meier is a renowned board certified orthopedic surgeon specializing in regenerative sports medicine and arthroscopic surgery. Dr. Meier believes in treating each patient individually according to their needs.


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