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Los Angeles Torn Meniscus Surgery

By Steven Meier

A torn meniscus can happen to anyone, from a World Series winning shortstop with the New York Yankees to a retiree practicing Tai Chi in the park. Any activity that requires the knee to twist or rotate with pressure and bear the body’s full weight can lead to a meniscus tear. Depending on how severe the tear is, there will usually be pain, swelling, and, in more serious cases, difficulty properly straightening the knee.

Los Angeles Torn Meniscus Surgery

In cases of a severe tear, where along with pain and swelling the knee feels like it’s popping or buckling and full range of motion is impaired, surgery may need to be performed to repair the tear. It’s always best to consult with an orthopedic specialist after an injury, especially when accompanied by pain and swelling, to determine the degree of the injury and what treatment to pursue.

In some cases, the tear will heal on its own depending on the individual and how severe the tear is, but when pain, swelling, and stiffness persist, a physician can recommend surgery. Experts like Dr. Steven Meier of Meier Orthopedic Sports and Regenerative Medicine specialize in Los Angeles torn meniscus surgery. If the meniscus does not respond to rest, ice, and medication and does not heal on its own, the meniscus is trimmed surgically. After meniscus surgery, patients will be prescribed a course of exercise and physical therapy to help rebuild knee strength and stability.

Physicians like Dr. Meier often use a technique known as arthroscopy for procedures such as torn meniscus surgery, where small incisions are made and the repair is performed with a tool called an arthroscope. This surgery is known as arthroscopic meniscus repair.

In addition to general conditioning and strengthening the muscles around the knee for greater support, the use of proper footwear when engaging in physical activity and sports (such as arch supports where appropriate) can help distribute weight evenly and keep added pressure off of the knee.

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Dr. Steven Meier
Steven Meier

Dr. Steven Meier is a renowned board certified orthopedic surgeon specializing in regenerative sports medicine and arthroscopic surgery. Dr. Meier believes in treating each patient individually according to their needs.


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