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The Benefits of Prolotherapy Treatment for Chronic Joint Pain

Until fairly recently, cutting-edge treatments like prolotherapy for progressive joint injuries and chronic pain were available almost exclusively to elite athletes and sports icons like Tiger Woods, or players for professional teams like the New York Yankees. However, due to the promising results the treatment has shown so far for what were once considered to Continue Reading >>

Natural Healing for Your Rotator Cuff Injury with Mesenchymal Stem Cells

Living with shoulder pain derived from a rotator cuff injury can make simple, everyday activities extremely difficult and uncomfortable. Oftentimes, just attempting to sleep on the injured side or driving your car can become an overwhelming task. Many people suffer from this injury due to job-related tasks. Painters or carpenters are often required to repeatedly Continue Reading >>

NY Yankee CC Sabathia Hopeful for 2015 Return to Pitching

New York Yankees pitcher CC Sabathia recently had his season cut short due to a recurring injury to his right knee. While originally thought to be suffering from a microfracture that could put his recovery and return to the mound into question, Sabathia’s recent surgery offered the pitcher and fans in the Bronx some good Continue Reading >>

What is Jumper’s Knee?

Patellar tendinitis is an inflammatory condition which affects the tendon connecting the kneecap (also known as the patella) to the shin bone. The patella plays a big role in the way you use your leg. It helps to extend the knee for activities like running, jumping and kicking. Patellar tendinitis is commonly known as “jumper’s Continue Reading >>

Recurrent Shoulder Dislocation

Shoulder dislocation refers to the ball of the shoulder coming displaced from the socket. A complete dislocation happens when the ball comes fully out of the socket, while a partial dislocation happens when the ball slips only partially out then goes back in again. This often happens – especially for athletes – as a result of a Continue Reading >>

Knee Arthritis Not Caused by Running, According to Study

Despite the popular misconception that running causes knee arthritis, a new study has shown that not only does running not cause knee arthritis, but it also may even be beneficial for knee health. For the many people who regularly go running concerned about the deterioration of their knee joints in later years, this study suggests Continue Reading >>


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